Adult Bullies



My last post was about the fact that I am a teacher.  I am entrusted with the lives of others.  it is my moral and ethical obligation to provide the best guidance that I can in the best manner that I can.  I was bullied by a principal. Two of my three sons were bullied by teachers.  I say enough!   I was invited to appear on America Now News, a syndicated TV show, to talk about what to do when the bully is the teacher!!

I said yes!  I asked fellow educators to send me some of their horror stories as well, and let me tell you, I was shocked by what I heard.  Teachers, so sadly, can be bullies.  Teachers are not all perfect.  We, at times, protect the bad guys.  As a teacher, I felt that I needed to stand up to the bullies.  Will some teachers be angry that I spoke up about this situation?  Maybe, but they are the teachers about whom I do not care.

I care about students – of all ages.  I care about my profession.  I care about equality.  I care about standing up and saying, “No more.”


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